About Speedgroup


Speedgroup is a promotion and administration company with focus on the development of Drag Racing, particularly in Europe.

- Since 2009 Speedgroup is officially recognised by FIA as the administrator of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship.
- In 2011 Speedgroup acquired Europe´s biggest sportsman series for drag racing, the Nordic Drag Racing Series NDRS which in 2012 became the EDRS European Drag Racing Series.
- In 2012 Speedgroup was assigned by the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation (SBF) to administer and promote the Swedish Drag Racing Championship (cars), Dragracing SM.
- Since 2014 Speedgroup operates the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship which is sanctioned by the Nordic Motorcycle Sports Federations.

Safety and sporting values are our top priorities, along with ensuring a high quality entertainment value for the audience. Any profit made by Speedgroup is invested back into further direct development of the sport. To achieve those goals we work to establish effective ways of taking part in the championship by defining best practices for conducting and participating in events. The Championship Guidelines is our quality assurance program, which means it will guarantee a consistent and high quality championship series. The promotion part of our services include a web TV-productions, advertising and media services, business partner programs, an online base for results and event entry handling. Speedgroup also on request assist track operators in event administration to different extents.      


Speedgroup was founded in 2006 by a group of race teams from the European Drag Racing Championship. Besides sharing a passion for Drag Racing they all had a vision to develop the championship and a desire to work with it. Throughout time and with a new board of directors Speedgroup priorities changed from being a team interest organization to administrate and develop the European Drag Racing Championship and over time we have acquired more Series and Championships into our daily operation.  

Speedgroup AB is a shareholders company registered in Sweden. The management is located in Sweden, while associated staff is spread in several European countries. The majority of the shareholders are active racers in the Championships and Series within Speedgroup´s field operation. This is a guarantee that Speedgroup board of directors will follow its goals and always put interests of the sport first.

SPPEDGROUP General contact persons:
Åsa Kinnemar (coordinator) - asa.kinnemar@speedgroup.eu tel +46-705315332